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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been utilized to treat allergies for thousands of years. Many studies have confirmed that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be helpful for managing the symptoms of allergies.

In a study published in Allergy, 52 people with allergic rhinitis were randomly as- signed acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs, or sham acupuncture and herbs for six weeks. Almost 85% of the people receiving the real acupuncture and herbs had 100% or significant improvement of their symptoms, versus 40% of those receiving the placebo treatment.

Certain foods may also help with allergy symptoms. Apples contain the flava- noid, quercetin, which can cross-react with tree pollen. Quercetin can reduce allergic reactions by having an antihistamine effect. It can also decrease inflammation. Other foods that contain quercetin include: berries, red grapes, red onions, capers and black tea.

Antihistamines and over-the-counter medication used for treating allergies can have side effects, including drowsiness.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are a safe, drug-free, natural and effective method that has stood the test of time for treating allergies.

So there you go Flagstaff, Acupuncture could be the answer to your health issues… Contact Teresa Buechel for a free consultation. You will be SO glad you did!

Patient Testimonials

“I first went to Teresa for two different conditions, edema and a stubborn skin condition.  I was impressed with her very thorough intake and health history.  The session was relaxing and cozy.   Afterwards I felt relaxed and rejuvenated.  Within hours after the first appointment there was a noticeable improvement in the amount of  fluid retention. … More >>>

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