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Summer weather is winding down and the autumn season is upon us.   This is my favorite season of all!  I love the cooler weather, the changing leaves and all the yummy foods that are in season this time of year (squash and pears are among my favorites).   Our immune systems often need a boost this time of year, and because I am so passionate about teaching people what they can do on their own at home to help themselves, I decided to share some information about one of the most powerful acupuncture points in Chinese Medicine.  Zu San Li, otherwise known as Stomach 36 (or ST 36 for short) is located just below the knee.    It is located 4 finger widths below the knee, and 1 finger width to the outside of the shin bone.   There is often a slight divot there.   Gently apply pressure here and you are boosting your immune function!  Stimulating this point can be done anywhere and anytime.   Stay tuned for more tips on how you can boost your immune system at home.

Happy Autumn,

~ Teresa

Patient Testimonials

“Acupuncture made the pain behind my knees go away.  I had the pain for 35 years and numerous types of Dr’s couldn’t help.  I also tried acupuncture because I felt thick headed (unable to think quickly and clearly) due to my sinus congestion.  Acupuncture has greatly helped that as well.  I immediately get sinus drainage… More >>>

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