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An Acupuncture Surprise

I’ve been treating patients with acupuncture and Chinese herbs for a while now, so I don’t experience many surprises anymore.  Something happened recently though that I’d love to share.  I’d been seeing “Julie” (not her real name) for a few months for back pain.  Surgery had been recommended to her and she was desperate to avoid it.   She was pleasantly surprised that her back pain became almost non-existent after just a few treatments.  (I was not!)  She continues to come in regularly to help ensure the pain doesn’t come back, and is thrilled she doesn’t have to schedule back surgery!  At one of these visits, she mentioned another pain on her foot.  Surgery had been recommended for this too, and I actually thought she’d probably have to have the surgery.  But, since she was coming in for her back anyway, I said we could treat her foot at the same time.  Every time she came in, the large protrusion on her foot that I thought would have to be surgically removed, was shrinking!  She’s amazed, and quite honesty, so am I!   She no longer feels like the foot surgery is necessary and grateful she doesn’t have to take the time off for it.   I can’t wait to be surprised again!  Be well, Teresa.

Patient Testimonials

“Beginning acupuncture has been life changing and I kick myself for not trying it sooner.  I was facing spinal fusion to correct a deformity that has caused pain since I was born.  I no longer need this surgery since acupuncture has relieved almost all of my pain.   I walked out with zero pain after… More >>>

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Acupuncture Insights

The Lung-Skin Connection

Traditional Chinese medicine has effectively treated skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and garden-variety dry skin for thousands of years. According to TCM, the lung is in charge of the skin. To understand the lung-skin connection, it’s helpful to know that Chinese medicine considers the opening and closing of skin pores to be the lung’s… More >>>

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